works on paper | objects | architecture

works on paper | objects | architecture

Brisbane based Australian artist, designer and architect.

Shane Willmett Portrait

b. 1988

Shane Willmett is an Australian born artist based in Brisbane working between India Ink works on paper, sculpture and Architecture.

His works are held in private collections in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and the UK. He has also exhibited privately and in group shows including Equus in Sydney’s Olsen Gallery in 2016.  

Shane's work explores themes of memory, light and space - commonly reflecting on the passing of time. His work exudes intricate detail with a clear respect and understanding for his subjects.  

Works on Paper
Inspired by the passing of time and particularly stirred by the relationship between people's memories and actual lived pasts Shane’s works are stripped back painting only in light and shadow, and positive and negative space. 

Shane’s works often stand alone and without context calling on the viewer’s imagination and memory to complete the composition. The end result leaves the artwork to take on a different life and meaning - only the cast shadows’ length alluding to a time and place. 

The Medium
India Ink was originally produced in China however, following trade with India the ink became commonly referred to as India Ink. 

The black pigment can be any ash or soot and when mixed with a binder such as water becomes an ink. 

Using only fine quality inks and water as a binding agent, Shane produces monochromatic works of varying shades and layers using different dillutions of ink and blending on paper for gradation of shade. 

Once dry, the pigment does not bleed and cannot be reworked making each gesture and brushstroke consequential. 

Working with any watercolour, the result is unpredictable which means the finished work is a unique combination of passion, experience and chance.